Health & Wellness

At HUSKY Health, we want you to have information and tools to help you stay healthy. Use these Health & Wellness pages to learn more about your health and well-being and to help you talk with your Primary Care Provider (PCP).

Your PCP & Well-Visits

Primary Care Providers (PCPs) are the main source of healthcare for their patients. Learn why you, and everyone in your family, should have a PCP and go for scheduled well visits. HUSKY Health benefits include an annual physical for every adult and child member. Babies need to see their PCP more often.

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Your Health Library

A wealth of information and tools to help you learn about health conditions and live a healthy life.

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Your Health Wallet

Learn what you should keep with you at all times to use your benefits and track your health.

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Healthy Beginnings

The HUSKY Health program helping women have healthy pregnancies and healthy babies; this page is a great resource for pregnant women and new moms.

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Community Resources

Find information about help available for food, shelter, clothing and utilities.

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Texting for Health

You can receive wellness information to help you stay healthy and get reminders about when to see your provider.

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Quit Smoking

Learn about treatment options, facts about smoking, and benefits from HUSKY Health that can help you quit smoking.

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Health News & Events

Learn about important health notices and events going on in Connecticut each month.

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