As a healthcare provider, you see many patients with diverse cultural backgrounds. You know that the better you understand your patient’s beliefs, health practices, and particular needs, the more your care and treatment plans can be designed for the best health outcomes possible.

CultureVision™ is an easy-to-use database that gives you access to culturally competent patient care. Nothing to install. Nothing to download.

How to Access CultureVision™

HUSKY Health offers free access to CultureVision™ through our Secure Provider Portal. To access the portal, click here.

Once you log in, click the CultureVision™ link. You can begin using the service immediately.

How CultureVision™ Can Help You

CultureVision™ can provide cultural insights that:

  • Improve Quality of Care: Providing you with access to information about the prevalence of diseases within certain populations and providing guidance with understanding cultural influences on what patients believe will make them well
  • Reduce Disparities: Identifying the impact of cultural issues on medical decision-making and limiting inadvertent bias in diagnosis and treatment
  • Increase Patient Satisfaction: Identifying questions to ask that will yield better health outcomes and improving communication where language barriers may exist


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