Discover PCMH

Discover how the PCMH model can help your practice provide higher quality healthcare, improve operational efficiency, and involve your patients in their care.

Fundamental ideas behind the Patient-Centered Medical Home Model of Care:

  • The program aims to lower costs, enhance the care experience, and maximize health outcomes
  • The person is at the core of this model and is treated with a holistic approach
  • The person is a partner in the healthcare setting which focuses on their experience

What makes Connecticut’s Person-Centered Medical Home Program Unique?

  • The program offers financial incentives for 18-24 months while the practice is on the Glide Path working towards NCQA PCMH recognition with a Community Practice Transformation Specialist (CPTS). This excludes FQHC practices
    • Those incentives increase when the practice receives NCQA PCMH Recognition
  • The CPTS team is knowledgeable and experienced in assisting practices with resources to work towards recognition at no cost
  • The CPTS continues to work with the practice after recognition, assisting with the practice’s renewal at no cost
  • The CPTS Team is available to assist FQHC’s with The Joint Commission PCMH certification or NCQA PCMH recognition at no cost


Below, you will find links to help you understand the PCMH concept and how implementing the PCMH model can improve your practice.

PCMH Financial Incentives

Find out more about PCMH enhanced reimbursement and performance-based payment from the Performance Payment program.

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Types of Practices

Get the information specific to your practice type. Whether your practice is a Private Practice or an FQHC, we can help you.

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The Community Practice Transformation Specialist (CPTS) Role

The HUSKY Health program offers direct assistance with the PCMH submission process and beyond; all at no cost when you enroll in the DSS PCMH program.

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Quarterly webinars will help you stay up-to-date with the latest PCMH information.

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Find answers to some of the questions that you may have about the PCMH program. If you don’t see your question here, we will be happy to answer your question over the phone. Call us at 203.949.4194 or email us at

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Read stories from other practices about their experience with PCMH.

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PCMH Practice Listing

See the many practices that have successfully achieved PCMH recognition.

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