The Community Practice Transformation
Specialist Role

Access the expertise of the Community Practice Transformation Specialist (CPTS) team that has assisted many practices with achieving and maintaining PCMH recognition. Let us make the process easier for you.

The support from a CPTS is invaluable and, unlike most private PCMH recognition consultants, is available at no cost to your practice.

Our Community Practice Transformation Specialist (CPTS) team is comprised of healthcare and business professionals who work throughout the state. CPTS staff are specially trained in Nationally Accredited PCMH Standards and maintain NCQA PCMH Content Expert Certifications.

The CPTS team provides education, support with obtaining NCQA PCMH recognition, and assistance with navigating the DSS PCMH and Glide Path programs.

We work around your practice schedule and facilitate the recognition process at in person practice visits, by email or by phone, according to your practice needs. The CPTS assigned to your practice is available throughout the program to offer advice and guidance on recognition and the PCMH process.

Our team provides resources and support to assist you with reaching PCMH goals. This support includes:

  • Introducing the Community Health Network of Connecticut’s internal support programs to assist with care management and care coordination
  • Providing education on team concepts that support a division of care coordination duties among clinical and non-clinical staff as well as identifying and closing gaps in care
  • Assisting with the integration of Care Coordination within the PCMH Model of Care
  • Accessing actionable data to help you identify and manage patients with high utilization issues, chronic conditions, and psychosocial needs. The team also provides education on how to use that data for Quality Improvement

This process supports increased value by decreasing healthcare spending, providing better access, and enhancing care experiences for patients, families, and the healthcare team.

To contact us, call 203.949.4194 or email

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