Glide Path

Learn more about the Department of Social Services’ (DSS) Person-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) Glide Path option, which provides financial and technical support for practices and clinics pursuing PCMH recognition. This page contains key information on Glide Path eligibility, requirements, support, and reimbursement, as well as where to go for the Glide Path instructions and application.

Department of Social Services Glide Path Program

The Department of Social Services’ (Department’s) Person-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) Glide Path option provides financial and technical support for practices and clinics ("Practices") that want to pursue status as PCMHs to serve HUSKY Health program recipients.

To qualify for Glide Path status, your practice will be required to complete a Readiness Evaluation Questionnaire prior to submitting your PCMH Application and Glide Path Application. Please contact the PCMH Administrator prior to completing the Readiness Evaluation Questionnaire, the PCMH application, or the Glide Path application at 203.949.4194 or e-mail If awarded Glide Path status, Practices must agree to Glide Path milestones and timeframes for each of three Glide Path phases. At the end of each Glide Path phase and prior to certifying that the Practice qualifies for the next phase, the Department will review all documentation demonstrating completion of that phase. The Department will also review National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) Survey Tool Scores as part of the initial Glide Path process and at the end of each Glide Path phase. Glide Path Practices must provide the Department’s Administrative Services Organization (ASO) with read-only access to their NCQA Survey Tool material by registering the ASO as a licensed user. This may be done at the time the Practice submits documentation for each Glide Path phase.

In the event that a Glide Path Practice does not achieve Glide Path milestones within the agreed upon or required timeframes, the Practice may request one or more extensions. Extensions cannot exceed six months in total, across the three Glide Path phases. Practices must complete the entire Glide Path in no more than 24 months, including any requested extensions. If a Practice does not complete the Glide Path within 24 months, the Practice will no longer qualify for Glide Path status.

Glide Path Practices will receive a 14% increase ("Fee Differential") on Primary Care Codes. If a Practice loses its Glide Path status, its Fee Differential payments will cease. The Department will not seek to recoup fee differential payments from Practices that terminate Glide Path participation. When the practice achieves NCQA PCMH recognition, it will receive a 24% increase on Primary Care Codes. Review the list of codes here. Practices with Glide Path status will not be eligible for Performance Based Incentive or Improvement Payments until they achieve full PCMH qualification from the Department.

Direct any questions regarding the PCMH Glide Path Application process to the Medical Administrative Services Organization, telephone 203.949.4194 or e-mail

Glide Path Eligibility, Requirements, Support, and Reimbursement Documents

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