One of the best ways for any practice to understand the benefits of becoming a PCMH through the State of Connecticut’s Glide Path program is to see what other practices have to say about their experiences. The following testimonials are from practices that have completed the Glide Path program and become NCQA PCMH recognized practices.

If you currently participate in the DSS PCMH or Glide Path Program and would like to share a testimonial, please email us at pathwaytopcmh@chnct.org or contact your Community Practice Transformation Specialist (CPTS).

ABC Pediatrics LLC — Manchester, CT

“We are pleased to write a testimonial about the rewarding experience of achieving NCQA PCMH Recognition. Our practice received its Level 3 PCMH 2014 recognition in 2017. It was a long process, but we could not have achieved recognition without the help and assistance of our CPTS. She was available to us to answer our questions in a timely manner and provided many resources to help us to meet the NCQA requirements. She made sure that we were efficient in adhering to NCQA guidelines, and she continues to assist us with our NCQA PCMH 2017 renewal requirements. We found that PCMH transformation was very beneficial to our practice. We have improved the efficiency of our office and at the same time improved the care we provide to our patients. We as a medical practice, are very proud of our accomplishment. We could not have done it without our CPTS.”

Connecticut Institute For Communities, Inc. — Danbury, CT

“We would like to express how instrumental our CPTS representative was in guiding our Health Center through the process of our 2014 PCMH recognition. She was available to us via email, in person, and/or by phone to answer our questions in a timely manner. Her suggestions and recommendations were critical to provide the most accurate data for successful submission.

PCMH guides Health Centers to provide better overall care. More importantly, PCMH promotes that the patient be the center of the Health Care team. To achieve our goal of a true Patient-Centered Medical Home, we partnered with our CPTS representative to make the necessary modifications and changes.

Although the PCMH submission was both a challenging and satisfying process, we believe that our CPTS representative played a critical role for us. Our PCMH journey has reformed the Health Center’s operations to allow the Health Center to provide an improved patient-centered experience.”

Maria Stack, MD dba Mt. Carmel Internal Medicine and Geriatrics — Cheshire, CT

“Participating in PCMH has aided us in providing higher quality healthcare to our patients, improved our efficiency, and allowed us to help patients participate in the management of their own care.

We are now working toward our NCQA 2014 renewal. Our CPTS has helped us immensely with interpreting the 2014 standards and guidelines and renewal requirements. Not only does our CPTS meet with us at least monthly, but provides us with resources to track our progress and make the renewal process a smooth one. We highly recommend this program to other offices, as this task can be overwhelming without the support and guidance of a CPTS.”

Candlewood Valley Pediatrics — New Milford, CT

"Our practice received Level 3 Recognition per the [NCQA] 2011 standards. We found that many of the changes we made at that time in order to receive the recognition were beneficial to the practice, so we maintained those changes, improving on things where we could. As we reviewed the criteria for submission using the 2014 standards, we realized we were already doing many of the elements required for it, but realized there were several new components, as well.

For [NCQA] 2014 standards, the required information placed more emphasis on patient interaction and office team work than in the 2011 standards. We had to put on paper the organization of the office, defining roles and chain of command. This recognition also highlighted the recording and monitoring of office procedures as well as ways in which we teach our patients to care for themselves.

Because there was so much involved in the process, we often turned to our CPTS person for advice and direction. She was invaluable to the completion of our submission. She was not only thorough, efficient, detailed, and succinct, but she was also always available. Her comprehensive knowledge of the process saved us from unnecessary work as well as what could have been damaging errors, and her detailed editing of the submitted information saved us from other small, though not insignificant errors (you must get dates right, and your numbers must be consistent!). We highly recommend using CPTS for the entire submission process. It will save you time, energy, and aggravation!"

Internal Medicine of Greater New Haven — Hamden, CT

“Participating in the PCMH program has been a most positive experience. We now have systems in place to track and measure the care and management of our patients. As a result, the patients are more actively involved in the management of their own well-being.

Our CPTS has been a wonderful asset in getting us through this process. She has provided us with resources and guidance which enabled us to handle the many challenges of achieving PCMH.”

Center for Pediatric Medicine — Danbury & New Fairfield, CT

"Since 1992, Center for Pediatric Medicine has provided families in the Greater Danbury area with high-quality, comprehensive, and personal medical care for children, adolescents, and young adults. PCMH allowed for us to take our experience in providing high-quality health care to a new level. It allowed for us to re-create new daily work flow efficiencies by restructuring each department to meet a higher level of demand and accessibility of patient health care.

We received our recognition in September 2016 in our Danbury location and November 2016 in our New Fairfield location. We are overjoyed and proud of our staff’s diligent hard work in completing this program.

We will continue to stay up to date on ways to improve our practice's relationship with our patients. We are devoted to analyzing and managing pertinent health care data that will allow for us to create a better office visit experience. We are devoted to providing new and state of the art care through online accessibility and quick and easy access to one’s own personal health care information. PCMH allowed for us to provide team-based care for both routine and urgent care needs."

Soundview Medical Associates, LLC — Norwalk, CT

“This letter of testimonial comes on behalf of our experiences with the CPTS, who worked diligently regarding our renewal with NCQA for PCMH. On April 2, 2015, we received word that we were recognized as a Level 3 for our renewal using the 2011 standards. Our medical office is multi-specialty with 22 providers and many services. This is a complex office that required much work to transform and educate our doctors and staff into a true PCMH.

Our CPTS was unwavering in keeping us on track with our application, giving us a clear road map for completion, always updating us on what we needed to accomplish by the following meeting. She emailed frequently, and more importantly, answered all of our questions in a timely fashion, and with examples we could understand and adopt.

Becoming a PCMH was a long road of serious, in-depth, inter-perspective analysis within our practice. What would be our three preventative and three chronic diseases and what did we hope to gain? The process itself was amazing, and one that made us understand that we needed to be accountable to ourselves, not just to NCQA! The hardest part of our journey to success was probably looking at the structure and the work flows needed to achieve our certification. Our CPTS continually reviewed what NCQA was looking for in the six standards, showing us the sources we should concentrate on, and providing us with tables to track our progress.

Implementing PCMH absolutely transformed our practice into using metrics, benchmarks, education, policies and procedures, standing orders, and teamwork that we would not have otherwise had the ability to understand or implement.

More than the certification, Soundview Medical is proud of its achievements with NCQA's PCMH program. We know that we are providing a higher level of patient care and our quality scores have risen. Our CPTS was a huge part of our success. Without her we would not have achieved it.”

Litchfield County Pediatrics — Torrington, CT

"We achieved [NCQA] PCMH Level 3 in November 2016. The process seemed very overwhelming as we began but quickly became a project where we could see possibilities for improvement in the practice. Some of the QA projects that we did really did shed a new focus on the quality of patient care. This process forced us to look at how we are treating our patients and stretched us to create new policies and procedures.

As with many practices, we thought we were doing a really great job and our patient/families seemed very happy with our care. We do have some really great providers and staff, and we take care of a significant number of special needs children. PCMH helped to look at our care differently and we could clearly see our weaknesses along with the things we do really well. I think it is very easy for a practice to fall into a routine of care and fail to see what is going on in the background. . . it is like if we can’t see it, it does not exist. We could not have been more mistaken on that. Some of the QA measures that we implemented were well received and appreciated by our patients.

As a practice, we were very thankful to our transformation specialist who helped us to stay on task. Especially in the summer months when we were trying to just get all the well visits done, she gave us realistic deadlines to help us to get the work done when it would have been much easier to put it aside.

The day we received the letter that we achieved a Level 3 with nearly all of the points we submitted, the office celebrated that we were recognized with this accomplishment. We proudly hang our certificate in our waiting room, and even our patients say that they notice the improvement and change."

Family Practice and Internal Medicine dba CareMedica LLC — North Haven, CT

“Our practice has benefited from PCMH Recognition in several ways. PCMH has helped our practice analyze data for quality health care improvement. We have identified chronic health conditions and implemented care plans that include the patient and family members as active participants to reach treatment goals. We have made significant improvements in tracking lab and diagnostic orders which has enhanced the quality of care that we provide to our patients.

Our practice has also benefited financially since becoming recognized as a Level 3 Patient Centered Medical Home. Assistance from our CPTS has been a valuable tool in the PCMH recognition process. She supported our practice by providing suggestions for continuous quality improvement and kept our practice on track with recognition and now, with the renewal process.”

Town and Country Pediatrics and Family Medicine, PC — Watertown, CT

"The PCMH model provides the processes and tools needed to effectively coordinate patient care and improve clinical quality.

The PCMH accreditation program is available to Outpatient Hospital Clinics through the NCQA PCMH recognition program and the Joint Commission PCMH recognition program. In addition, Outpatient Hospital Clinics that select the NCQA PCMH recognition program are eligible for financial incentives through our Glide Path Option to NCQA PCMH recognition. While Joint Commission PCMH certification is not eligible for financial incentives, practices that pursue this certification will receive technical assistance from a CPTS. The processes and benefits are different for each option and our CPTS team is here to help you with the submission process."

Fairfield County Healthcare Associates (6 sites) — Trumbull, CT

“Becoming a certified PCMH is both a gratifying and arduous process. Once accomplished though, the benefits to patients, their families and the medical practice are endless.

The PCMH program forces the practice to focus not only on care outcomes, but on how that care is organized and delivered. Participating in a PCMH program helps you to create consistent, detailed policies that enable the practice to provide better coordinated care for all patients, not just the complex ones.

The delivery of care becomes more proactive. Test results, lab work and specialist or emergency care reports are available to the care team before the patient is seen, thus making the patient encounter more productive and satisfying for both the provider and the patient.

Attaining PCMH certification is a lengthy process, but well worth the effort. I found that working with our CPTS was invaluable. She helped us to set and maintain realistic goals and benchmarks. She willingly shared her experiences, expertise and resources with us. Most importantly though, she helped us to understand and navigate through the NCQA metrics and benchmarks which can often seem very overwhelming.”

Pediatric Associates of Western CT — Danbury, CT

“In February 2016, our practice received NCQA Level 3 Recognition and we became a Patient-Centered Medical Home. Through this process, staff learned new ways to be more efficient, effective and ultimately provide higher quality care through practice workflow re-design. The CHNCT Glide Path Program and CPTS provided us with the resources and tools to render team-based, integrated and comprehensive care to our patients. When it is done right, the joy of medicine is back!

We found that our patient satisfaction scores were rated very highly; but there is, and always will be, room for improvement so we can provide the best care possible to our patients. By being a Patient-Centered Medical Home, we can stay up-to-date on the latest healthcare trends and make changes to our daily practice which leads to greater patient satisfaction. We appreciate the expertise and global knowledge of our CHNCT Community Practice Transformation Specialist as she assisted us through this vigorous but rewarding process.

As a practice that has been in business for over 50 years, we believe we have a lot to offer our community and our patients. PCMH has allowed us to maintain our high standards and move forward towards improved outcomes in the ever changing healthcare system.”

Terry M. Eccles, MD, LLC — Stafford Springs, CT

“Our practice has benefited from PCMH in many ways, especially in patient care management. It has helped us implement ways to identify our vulnerable patient base and help them address their specific needs. PCMH has enabled us to provide the highest quality of care to our families and give them the tools they need to maintain their wellness.

It has helped us improve on care coordination by empowering us to measure and track outcomes on specialist visits, vaccines, pediatric screenings and referral needs. The CPTS has been an asset to our office by not only assisting us as we obtained our PCMH accreditation a little over one year ago, but also keeping us up-to-date on the newest healthcare trends and ways to implement them. We would absolutely recommend this program to other pediatric practices.”

TLC Pediatrics, LLC — Norwalk, CT

“The PCMH transition has been a revealing process for TLC. It allowed us to make an overhaul assessment of the way we practice and the services that we provide to our patients. Medicine by nature is patient-centered; it was about time that we started moving in that direction.

Thanks to this program, we have added better structure to things we were already doing and created new protocols aiming at putting the patient at the heart of the process. To some degree, the PCMH program seemed to create more work for the providers (at first) but they quickly realized that it was in fact better, more effective work and the results are so rewarding that the PCMH model is now embraced by all the providers in our practice. The CPTS assistance has been a huge benefit; we could not have done it without their help. We are grateful for the help which has allowed us to provide more efficient care to our kids.”

Roman Alder, MD, LLC — New Milford, CT

“When Bill Gates was asked what he fears the most regarding Microsoft's future, he said, "inertia." The PCMH program, with the guidance of the CPTS, has introduced us to the process of overcoming inertia.

Exposing ones medical practice to a degree of "gentle" scrutiny has been very beneficial to the providers and recipients of care. Our practice has become more organized with the tracking of lab tests, imaging procedures and referrals. Screenings are now also performed more consistently.”

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