Prior Authorization

Prior authorization refers to the Community Health Network of Connecticut, Inc. (CHNCT) process for approving covered services prior to the delivery of the service or initiation of the plan of care based on a determination by CHNCT as to whether the requested service is medically necessary.

Prior authorization is NOT required for dual eligible members (Medicare/Medicaid coverage) unless the good or service is not covered by the member’s Medicare plan. Please use the links below or the main navigation menu to access all of the following:

Medical Prior Authorizations
Radiology Prior Authorizations
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Help with Prior Authorization

  • For questions about prior authorization, please contact CHNCT at 1.800.440.5071, Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
  • For questions about billing or help accessing the fee schedule, please contact the DXC Technology Provider Assistance Center at 1.800.842.8440, Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.


We want to remind you that per our HIPAA requirements, if you or someone from your organization leaves your office or no longer needs access due to a job role change, transfer, or other situation, you are required to notify us immediately.

For Medical Authorization Access Termination Notifications please contact:

Email at
or call us at 1.877.606.5172

For Radiology Authorization Access Termination Notifications please contact:

Email at
or call us at 1.800.646.0418 x20136

Medical Prior Authorizations

Authorization requests created in Clear Coverage™ are available as PDF documents containing all submitted information and can be viewed, printed, or saved electronically for 365 days from the date of submission regardless of status. Users are able to open the authorization by selecting the detail button on the authorization line item. Once it opens, select the Save & Print Tab located at the bottom of the screen under Additional Notes, then select either Authorization Summary or Authorization (Full) to print your PDF or save electronically.

CHNCT’s Medical Authorization Portal, Clear Coverage™, gives providers the ability to electronically submit prior authorization requests for urgent and emergent inpatient admissions, all durable medical equipment (DME), medical/surgical supplies, therapy services and home health visits. Through this secure portal, providers have the ability to request authorizations, submit clinical information and track requests.

Medical Authorization Portal

To view CHNCT’s Medical Prior Authorization Portal training video, click here.

If you do not have a Medical Authorization Portal user account or would like to add users to an existing account, contact CHNCT support for more information at:

The portal allows providers to backdate the prior authorization request up to five (5) calendar days to accommodate for member retroactive enrollment and holidays.

To search for a provider name, requesting providers may be found only by entering the provider’s last name in the “last name“ lookup field. 

The portal is now optimized for use with Internet Explorer (IE) 11, Google Chrome (version 38 and higher), and Mozilla Firefox (version 27 and higher). Users accessing the Medical Authorization Portal through an unsupported Internet browser should upgrade to a supported browser as soon as possible to avoid disruptions in access. If you use IE version 10 or earlier and experience any technical difficulties accessing or using Clear Coverage, please upgrade your browser to IE 11. If you use Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, please verify you are on the appropriate version to ensure compatibility. To do so, go to the Help menu on your IE toolbar to find information on your current version of IE and how to upgrade. You should also use Adobe Flash Player 17.x or later for best results.

If you are unable to upgrade or have issues submitting your authorizations, please fax your requests and clinical information to 203.265.3994.

To search for members, the member name may not be used. You may only use the member Connecticut Medicaid ID number and Date of Birth.

A member who displays with an “NA” under the eligibility column is not eligible and an authorization request cannot be created in Clear Coverage.

Please note: Behavioral Health inpatient authorizations should continue to be directed to Beacon Health Options via phone at 1.877.552.8247. Behavioral Health Home Health authorizations should continue to be directed to Beacon Health Options via ProviderConnect, an online registration application located on the “For Providers” homepage at

Prior Authorization Requirements
In an effort to streamline the process for prior authorization reviews, please review the list of requirements for the submission of initial authorization and reauthorization requests for non-radiology medical goods and services.

View the list of Prior Authorization Requirements

If you have any questions, please review our FAQs.

HUSKY Plus Program (HUSKY Plus)

HUSKY Plus program (HUSKY Plus) is a HUSKY B supplemental program for medically eligible members, whose intensive physical health needs cannot be met within the HUSKY B package of services. HUSKY Plus supplements includes: long-term rehab, incontinence supplies, wheelchairs, hearing aids and diabetic shoes for members who have exhausted one or more of their HUSKY B benefits. Participation in HUSKY Plus continues as long as the member is enrolled with HUSKY B.

Beginning with date of service July 1, 2017, the HUSKY Plus program will be managed by Community Health Network of Connecticut, Inc. (CHNCT). The Connecticut Children’s Medical Center (CCMC) managed the program for services provided through June 30, 2017.

Contact Information

For questions about Prior Authorizations for dates of service, July 1, 2017 and forward, please call CHNCT at 1.800.440.5071 from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

For questions about Prior Authorizations, claims processing, and payments for dates of service prior to July 1, 2017, please call CCMC at 1.877.743.5516 from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. or fax inquries to 860.837.6201.

For assistance with provider enrollment, claims processing, and payments for dates of service, July 1, 2017 and forward, please call DXC Technology at 1.800.842.8440 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Prior Authorization requests can be submitted via fax to 203.265.3994

Outpatient Prior Authorization Request Form

Click here for a list of payable codes available under HUSKY Plus.

Outpatient Therapies Prior Authorization Process

Rehabilitation clinics and independent therapists must submit PA requests using a Procedure Code Group and number of units that identify the requested service.

Click here for a complete list of code groups and the associated procedure codes under HUSKY Plus.

Radiology Prior Authorizations

As an interim measure, in response to the Governor’s recent declaration of a public health emergency due to the COVID 19 pandemic, the Connecticut Department of Social Services is temporarily changing the prior authorization requirements for select services. Effective April 1, 2020 and until DSS has notified providers in writing that the state has deemed COVID-19 to no longer be a public health emergency, prior authorization for advanced imaging services (CT, CTA, MRA, MRI and PET) is not required. Please reference DSS provider bulletin PB 2020-33 CMAP COVID-19 Response – Bulletin 23: Changes to the Prior Authorization Requirements for Specified Services.

CHNCT has contracted with eviCore healthcare to perform medical necessity reviews for high-tech radiology procedures (MRI, MRA, CT, CTA, PET, PET/CT). Prior authorization is required for HUSKY A, B, C, D and limited eligibility members who are 19 years of age and over at the time of service and those dual eligible members without Medicare Part B coverage. eviCore will perform medical necessity reviews for new and retrospective requests and process modifications to existing authorizations. Please reference DSS Provider Bulletin PB 2016-70 “Important Changes to the Radiology Benefit Management Program” for additional details.

eviCore’s Radiology Prior Authorization Portal gives providers the ability to electronically submit prior authorization requests for high-tech radiology procedures. Through this portal, providers have the ability to request authorizations, submit supporting clinical documentation and view the status of existing requests.

Radiology Authorization Portal

To view CHNCT’s recent webinar, Updates to the Radiology Benefit Management Program, click here. To view the presentation slides, click here.

Additional resources and forms are available at the following links:

For Technical Portal Support for the eviCore Portal please contact: 1.800.575.4594.

Secure Provider Login

View your authorization units used by visiting the secure portal. Once you have logged in to the secure portal, click the "Authorizations" link to access this new feature. You will then be granted access via our Web Support Help Desk.

Please note: The authorization units used information is updated twice a month and coincides with the HPE check writes.If you are experiencing technical issues, please contact us at 1.877.606.5172, Monday through Friday 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

This portion of the HUSKY Health website is managed by Community Health Network of Connecticut, Inc., the State of Connecticut’s Medical Administrative Services Organization for the HUSKY Health Program. For the general HUSKY website gateway, please visit HUSKY Health includes Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program, and is administered by the Connecticut Department of Social Services.