Improving the Hepatitis C Screening Rates for HUSKY Health Patients

A 2016 claims review conducted by Community Health Network of Connecticut, Inc. identified over 415,000 HUSKY Health members who are at risk for hepatitis C and a hepatitis C screening rate of less than 10% for at-risk HUSKY Health patients.

Identification of At-Risk HUSKY Health Patients

The high number of at-risk individuals and low screening rate highlight the need to identify and screen your at-risk patients. HUSKY Health covers the screening and treatment of hepatitis C.

HUSKY Health wants to help you improve your hepatitis C screening rates for your HUSKY Health members. Below you will find information and resources to help you identify, screen, and manage your at-risk HUSKY Health patients.

On the HUSKY Health Secure Provider Portal, you can find Adult Preventative Visits reports. These reports detail at-risk HUSKY Health patients who show no claims for a hepatitis C screening.

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Screening Recommendations

Screening Frequency

Once you have identified patients who need hepatitis C screenings, you can use the chart below to determine screening frequency.

Population Recommended Screening Frequency
People born from 1945 through 1965 Once during their lifetime
Hemodialysis patients Regular testing at your discretion
Patients with an organ transplant or a blood transfusion before 1992 Once since the transfusion
Patients infected with HIV Regular testing at your discretion
Patients that engage in unprotected sex Regular testing at your discretion
Patients with active or past history of IV drug or opioid misuse Regular testing at your discretion


Hepatitis C Referral and Medication Management

HUSKY Health patients with a diagnosis of hepatitis C may be eligible for additional services and support from the Intensive Care Management (ICM) program. To refer your HUSKY Health patients to ICM, please call 1.800.440.5071 x2024.

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