Medical Management

Medical management provides necessary resources and tools for Connecticut Medical Assistance Program (CMAP) enrolled providers to reference and use as they manage and treat HUSKY Health members.

Providers will find information pertaining to:

  • Covered services, equipment, and supplies for members, with related prior authorization requirements
  • Forms, tools, and resources
  • Clinical policies
  • Important notifications in the form of DSS bulletins

Please use the links below or the main navigation menu to access all of the following:


PCMH+ is a new program offered by DSS that is built on the platform of the CT PCMH program. PCMH+ focuses on implementing enhanced care coordination activities and partnering with community resource agencies to improve the health outcomes and care experience of Medicaid members.

Click the link below to access PCMH+ program information and updates.


Pharmacy Links


A drug formulary is a list of generic and brand name prescription drugs. Drugs considered for the formulary are evaluated by a committee and are chosen for their safety and efficacy. The formulary is updated as needed when new medications or information becomes available.

The State of Connecticut – Department of Social Services CADAP formulary lists the medications covered under CADAP. CADAP is a service that helps eligible Connecticut residents with HIV or AIDS afford the cost of medications approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

The State of Connecticut TB Medication formulary lists the prescription medications covered under the HUSKY Health Limited Benefit TB plan. The HUSKY Health Limited Benefit TB program covers services related to the treatment of TB including but not limited to prescription drugs, radiology, laboratory testing, and doctor visits.

The State of Connecticut FAMPL Medication Formulary lists the medications covered under the HUSKY Health Limited Benefit Family Planning plan. The HUSKY Health Limited Benefit Family Planning program covers family planning and family planning-related services including but not limited to prescribed drugs and contraceptive supplies, pregnancy testing, sexually transmitted diseases (STD) screening and treatment, and doctor visits.

Preferred Drug List:

The Connecticut Medicaid Preferred Drug List (PDL) is a listing of prescription products recommended by the CT Department of Social Services (DSS) Pharmaceutical and Therapeutics Committee. The drugs which are considered “preferred” have been selected for their safety, clinical significance, and efficiency. Most FDA approved drugs that are not listed are available, with prior authorization. Drug classes will be added as the Pharmaceutical and Therapeutics Committee review additional classes. HIV medications are excluded from the PDL legislation and will always be preferred drugs and will not require a prior authorization.

Current Medicaid Preferred Drug List
Alphabetized Preferred Drug List

For additional information please visit the Pharmacy Information page of the Connecticut Medical Assistance Program website.

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