Texting for Health

You can receive wellness information to help you stay healthy and get reminders about when to see your provider. Texting programs are available to address any age.


Text4baby is a free text message program which will send you messages on prenatal care, baby health, and parenting from pregnancy through baby’s first year. It’s for everybody who is interested in baby’s health including pregnant individuals, parents, friends and relatives. Messages are based on your baby’s due date or birthday.

To get started, text the word BABY to the number 511411 and follow the prompts you will receive to sign up for the messages which are right for you.

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Text4kids & Text4health

You can also get texts with health reminders and tips for adults and kids.

  • Text4kids sends text messages on tips for your child’s development, reminders for appointments, and more. Your child’s age and development determine what information you get and how often the messages are sent.
  • Text4health is a text message program that sends you health reminders and information including between appointment care, health quizzes, and 30-day challenges.

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